EP1 Was a Success!

EP1 Was a Success!

Fashions Twist Episode 1 was a success we sold out 100 Fashions Twist tees that we had originally made. 

There was a ton of trial and error and it was very hard in 2018 to find the right manufacturers, right distributors and the right way to market and sell it.

I spent a lot of time figuring out the next steps and how I can bring the best of the best to our supporters. 

I am happy to announce that the upcoming EP2 Apparel line is looking crazzzyy 🔥

Here is a little sneak peak to the back of the black FT Tee 👀

Affirmations are what keeps us heading in the right direction... 

This is just the beginning to what we are going to become.

More than just a clothing company, more than just a brand. 

Thank you all for your support we love you and can't wait to bring the best of the best to you guys ❤️

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