The 10% Rule 1st Giveaway

The 10% Rule 1st Giveaway

The EPII Launch has been successful and we have been selling T-Shirts Back to Back! People are loving them so far! 


Since we had a great start of Season 2 we will be giving 10% of all profits made from this T-Shirt to people in need. Buy them food, or maybe get them a room to stay or give them one of our "I AM" Affirmation T-Shirts and get them food etc with the rest of the money.

We would like to expand into different charities and environmental movements to help restore our beautiful earth.

We had sold 5 T-Shirts and announced on Snapchat that we will find a homeless man and give him a T-Shirt, so we went strolling down Hollywood Blvd to find someone in need.

Thanks to these 5 People

Cody , Megan , Jack , Carrie and Zachary

this man got to put on a new clean T-Shirt, and get himself a little bit of food and other things to get him by. This very humble guy also had a lesson to teach us. 
I promised I would record the progress so here it is...



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